Following your abortion in a red state, look for supportive and safe aftercare treatment centers if right for you. 

Many provide hCG testing, ultrasounds, RhoGAM testing & shot, birth control and other services. Many offer free or sliding scale services on request.

Here are a few we can recommend:

Tuscaloosa - West Alabama Women's Center

Meridian - Meridian Health Center


Kansas City - Planned Parenthood Wyandotte Health Center

Overland Park - Planned Parenthood Comprehensive Medical Center 

Overland Park - Center for Women's Health 

Wichita - Aria Medical 

Wichita - Planned Parenthood Wichita 

Wichita - Trust Women Clinic 


Louise - Plan A Health, Free Clinic & Pharmacy

Mississippi Delta (mobile clinic) -  Plan A Health

North Carolina

Asheville - Planned Parenthood Asheville

Asheville - A Preferred Women's Health Center 

Charlotte - Planned Parenthood Charlotte

Charlotte - A Woman's Choice

Charlotte - A Preferred Women's Health Center 

Greensboro - A Woman's Choice

Raleigh-Durham - A Preferred Women's Health Center

Raleigh-Durham - North Durham Women's Health

Winston-Salem - A Hallmark Womens Clinic

Winston-Salem - Planned Parenthood Winston-Salem

Memphis - CHOICES


Austin - Austin Women's Health Center

Dallas - Pegasus Health Justice 

Houston - Legacy Community Health Clinic (Multiple Locations)

Houston - Hope Clinic (Multiple Locations)

McAllen (ultrasound services) - South Texas for Reproductive Justice 

San Antonio - Planned Parenthood San Pedro

San Antonio - Planned Parenthood South Texas

Bristol - Bristol Women's Health

Many offer free or sliding scale services on request.